Monday Morning Musings

Becky -
I've been sitting here this morning reading my Bible and asking God to give me some profound thoughts to share for our first "Monday Morning Musings".  And guess what!  Nothing profound came!
Maybe that's because we are just ordinary people, working hard, trying to serve in whatever way we can.  God uses the ordinary things in life though.  One of our goals here at the retreats is to be used by God however He wants to use us - serving, listening, sharing, making beds, or washing sheets and dishes.  We have been truly blessed and want to share those blessings with others.  My prayer is that we will be a blessing to whomever comes to our retreats.
One of my favorite songs goes:
"Out in the highways and byways of life,
Many are weary and sad.
Carry the sunshine where darkness is rife.
Making the sorrowing glad.
Make me a blessing.  Make me a blessing.
Out of my life - may Jesus shine.
Make me a blessing, oh Savior I pray.
Make me a blessing to someone today." 

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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