Friday, April 8, 2011

Scrapbooking Weekend!!

Snowbird had a group of scrapbookers from Priceville, AL. They did a lot of relaxing, hot tubbing, and reading along with the scrapbooking. Its always good to have a little play along with the work!!

Red Rooster hosted consultant Sandy Lovell's "Close to My Heart" Group. Creativity was rampant this weekend!

These are album covers for Road Trip albums! The button wheels are too cute!

This is a beautiful Christmas album made by one of the ladies in the group.

They even make creative cookies!!!!

Wish you were here!!


  1. So do I (wish I was there!) We keep waiting for the bell to ring and dinner to appear. :)

  2. We had such a wonderful time! Thanks for having us and we are already excited about our next trip. Thanks for everything once again!!